Company Roots

StreamUnlimited was founded in 2005, but its history goes back longer:

StreamUnlimited has its roots in the former Philips Audio Video Innovation Center in Vienna. This development centre had the task, within Philips Consumer Electronics, to take up new technologies from the research phase, to make those technologies mature in standard modules, to develop first-of-a-kind products based on those modules and finally to ramp up mass production with those new products in Asia.

Doing so, this Philips team (now StreamUnlimited) introduced for Philips in the years 2001-2004 the first streaming audio and video products, the first MP3 players, the first hard-disc and DVD recorders, the first HDMI products and the first Wi-Fi enabled products.

It is this broad spectrum of capabilities (everything to get from research to mass production), anchored in the heads of 25 engineers, which was the start of StreamUnlimited, early 2005. Since then we have successfully built our growth on that strength and gained even more knowledge by increasing our team with more excellent engineers.

Our team

≥12 nationalities, ambitious and hardworking, informal and fun!

Our company language is English.