Internet of Things (IoT)

With >10 years of experience in developing all kind of complex embedded Internet connected products,  StreamUnlimited is your partner of choice to develop innovative IoT products. 

We are experienced in electronics design:

  • Ultra low power sensor devices
  • Power harvesting, scavenging
  • Miniaturization
  • Antenna design and optimization
  • Network bridges
  • Design for mass production


  • Low cost and tiny
  • Microcontroller platforms with lean Operating Systems
  • Optimizations for power, memory, cost
  • All-in-one host-less connectivity solutions

Wireless standards:

  • 802.11 / Wi-Fi
  • BT / BLE (Smart)
  • RFID
  • ZigBee
  • 6LoWPAN

IoT - New Technology?

Many ideas how the IoT will look like are presented every day and still it is hard to say what this term exactly refers to. IoT is a buzzword heralding a new generation of products connected to each other and the Internet, enabling new ways of interaction between them and the consumer. 

The underlying technology isn't at all new, most of the involved technologies were already available before the term was created. The IoT is utilized through the confluence of cheapness and smallness in five technology areas: connectivity, sensors, actuators, processors and power.  

A really good product for the IoT is defined from its user experience, not by the technologies alone - the user's point of view must be considered. 

Due to it’s connected nature, an IoT product is never isolated, but part of a quite complex ecosystem:

IOT Zeichnung

StreamUnlimited is specialized in technologies covering the 2 bottom layers of the IoT - building the actual Things and their software.

Typical Fields of Application (examples): 

  • Home Control
    • Smart lighting
    • Remotly controlled appliances
    • Intrusion detection systems
    • Climate control
    • New consumer devices
  • Industrial
    • M2M (diagnosis and asset control)
    • Wireless sensors (any physical parameter)
  • Traffic control
    • Smart parking
    • Traffic congestion
  • Automotive
    • Vehicle diagnosis
  • Logistics
    • Supply chain control
    • Intelligent shopping control
    • Smart product management
    • Item location
    • Portable scanners and printers
  • Agricultural
    • Animal tracking
  • Healthcare
    • Patient surveillance

For more information:

IoT Leaflet