Stream700 - High End Audio Streaming Client

The Stream700 module is a versatile audio streaming client featuring UPnP/DLNA and Internet Radio access. HD audio, digital audio for iPod, and its appealing and responsive graphical user interface - available via TFT and iOS/Android Apps - make the Stream700 ideal for the high end audio market. Stream700 is based on Microchip’s (formerly BridgeCo/SMSC) latest DM860A chip.

Smart Phone Control

Smartphone Apps for iOS, Android, etc. are available to control a Stream700 based product.

  • Content browsing and selection 
  • Playback control
  • Metadata display (album art, etc.)
  • Control of other product specific options (sources, volume, etc.) on request

Evaluation Kit

For more information:

FAQ - Stream700

Stream700 - Streaming Audio Client.pdf