Is it possible to buy a Stream700 evaluation kit as a private person?

We are sorry, but StreamUnlimited does not support private inquires. We advice to purchase a commercial product from one of our customers and use the components for your private realisation project.

Why is a certain streaming feature available in one Stream700 based product and not in another one?

The final choice of the feature selection is always done by our customers. You can contact the brand selling the final product directly and express your interest in a particular feature.

Why is decoding of FLAC 192 kHz/24 bit files limited to Q-level L4-L8?

The data rate of L0-L3 is close to those of uncompressed streaming. Handling those higher data rates and decoding FLAC at the same time is reaching the capability limits of the utilized processor chip.

You can use a UPnP server that transcodes your file to 192/24 WAV for streaming to your Stream700 based product without any quality degradation.

What UPnP control point applications are supported / are there functional limitations and do alternatives exist?

In general the Stream700 is fulfilling the UPnP standards. It does allow to playback content which is provided by a UPnP server and the UPnP control point can be used to initiate playback of a single track. Proprietary extensions are currently not supported, which means control of other music services or gapless playback wont be feasible following this route.

But there are dedicated control Apps available which provide all functionality. They are based on a StreamUnlimited network protocol and deliver a better user experience. 

Please contact your product vendor in case you are interested.

Is it possible to stream iPhone/iPad music content directly to a Stream700 based product?

This is possible. A UPnP server App (like the one from Twonky) needs to be active on an iPhone/iPad (or other smartphone). This server will appear in the "media server" menu list. Some of the special branded control Apps for Stream700 plan to included an UPnP server, which will eliminate the need for a separate UPnP server App.

Why does the Stream700 based products not always display album art?

Basically there are 2 methods how album art is handled: As part of the music file (embedded album art) or as a separate file, which is managed by the UPnP server.

The Stream700 supports both options. Please assure that your UPnP server is able to extract and expose the album art via the network.

How can I make use of vTuner's additional functions?

Your product vendor should have provided your vTuner portal web address e.g. streamunlimited.vtuner.com. Open up the page an register by using the access code returned from your product when navigating into Internet Radio -> Get access code. The portal does allow to customize your private account. You can manage favorite stations, add free stations from the WEB and or find new stations.

Which UPnP servers do you recommend?

Here is a list of popular UPnP servers which can be used:

Twonky, Asset, Foobar, WindowsMediaPlayer, Mediatomb, EyeConnect and many more

What audio formats do provide the best audio performance?

If you have enough storage we do recommend to use FLAC with Q-level 5. It provides a compression ratio of about 50% and it will not degrade the audio quality in any way since it is a lossless compression method.

Many encoders are freely available in the WEB. As an alternative you can use AAC. It would provide slightly better quality than MP3 with approximately the same compression level of 30%. 

Why is a Stream700 based product not found by a control app when using a Linksys router?

There is a known issue in some Linksys routers that requires to manually enable the “Filter Multicast” setting to let UPnP and Bonjour discovery messages pass through the router. Detailed instructions can be found in this document: LinkSysDiscoveryFix_2013_11_12.pdf