User Interface & Apps

Voice Control

StreamUnlimited are primed to help our customers with the integration of Voice technology, with a fully native implementation of both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant into StreamSDK. We are also developing across all voice service providers and technology leaders in keyword detection, echo cancellation and microphone arrays.

Control Apps

The NetAPI solution provides a very flexible way to fully control your device via an IP connection from smartphones and other devices. As our customer, you can create the control application yourself or it can be developed by a 3rd party provider. …

StreamUI Web

This remote UI solution provides a very flexible way to expose all input/output elements of your device via an IP connection on a standard HTML5 webpage.

The GUI can be easily customized by adapting the javascript code provided by StreamUnlimited together with a basic SDK per development platform.


StreamUI+ is a lightweight embedded run-time library which ideally can be used on platforms with limited resources. It fully focuses to deliver the essential building blocks needed for today's embedded applications still offering the maximum flexibility without introducing compromises for the performance of the overall system.


User-friendliness is one of the most important traits that set a high-tech device apart from its competition. StreamUI makes it easy for you to add a modern, consistent but simple-to-use UI to your products.