Our offering and competences

  • Pre-compliance measurements to ensure that products pass certifications
  • EMC lab rental (70€/h without EMC expert, 130€ including EMC expert)
  • EMC troubleshooting: develop solutions also for customer developed boards
  • RF and antenna verifications, wireless performance measurements and tuning
  • AirPlay verification measurements
  • EMC reviews, EMC concept development  
  • Co-operation with leading test houses, both national and international 


Pre-compliance measurements (Immunity and Emission)

  • Audio and video: EN 55013, EN 55020
  • Information technology equipment: EN 55 022, EN 55024
  • Immunity (general): EN 61000
  • Internal EMC (self pollution) - self- and customer-defined methods and limits

Please contact us in case you require measurements according to other standards, we are open for any non-standard verifications and setups.


  • 5x2.5 m shielded room for debugging and various legal measurements
  • Fully anechoic room for emission and radiated immunity measurements (up to 3 GHz emission, up to 2.8 GHz immunity)
  • Spectrum analyzers up to 20 GHz
  • ESD test bench
  • Mains test bench (burst, mains drop, mains failure)
  • In addition to standard EMC test equipment all signal sources and analyzers available in our development lab are available for use during EMC measurements

For more information:

EMC Leaflet